WICID Methods Lab

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wicid_homepage_logo_banner4.jpgThe Warwick Interdisciplinary Research Centre for International Development (WICID) addresses urgent problems of inequality and social, political and economic change while challenging global hierarchies of knowledge and resources. Interdisciplinary, critical and robust analyses through co-production of knowledge and knowledge exchange will characterise WICID’s approach and ensure impact in the fields we work in. We aim not only to learn from each other but also to create together new methods of research, new analytical insights and propose new solutions, based on a robust evidence base.

WICID Methods Lab

The WICID Methods Lab will ensure that we develop appropriate, innovative and interdisciplinary methodologies to pursue collaborative research.

The Lab will work with our global partners to research and produce critical knowledge exchange and teaching materials. We will also work together to produce innovative and accurate indicators and development measures to advance rigorous research on our themes.

The Lab will, therefore, work with both quantitative and qualitative methods. We will pursue collaborations with scholars worldwide to produce working papers and academic publications on our collaborative research that speak directly to policymaking and review.

Our focus on bridging epistemic divides and developing critical pedagogy will ensure the fostering of global networks necessary for our research to have impact.

WML Toolkit Series

The Lab produces toolkits to help develop new methodological approaches to research and impact.