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Serious Games Cookbook cover image

Serious Games Cookbook: A beginner's guide to using and designing serious games

Matthew Whitby, Feng Mao, Katarzyna Stawarz, Shasta Marrero, Jo Lindsay Walton
January 15, 2024
Cover image of The Diary of Sharon Turner 1793-1795

The Diary of Sharon Turner 1793-1795

Sharon Turner (1768–1847), Mark Philp, Clare Clarke
November 15, 2023
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The perceived value of bereavement support and the impact of inequalities on availability and access: Accessing bereavement support

Dr Catherine Grimley, Dr Briony Hudson, Rachel Warren, Dr Emily Harrop, Jane Murray, Gil Hilleard, Lesley Goodburn, Alex Matheson, Dr John MacArtney
May 25, 2023
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Manual 1 - English

Dialogical-Participatory Mapping Application: Academic Manual

Ana Laura Souza Vargas, André Duarte Massahud, Aniely Araujo Porto, Gabriel Brandão Xavier, Vangelis Pitidis, Fernanda Lima-Silva, Guilherme Prado de Abreu
October 4, 2022